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About D. N. Academy

The Begining

The D. N. Academy has a glorious history. The school was started in the year of 2001 by Mr. P. K. Bhaiya, the director, who had a vision of starting a school for society and economically backward people of the locality. The school was given the name D. N. Academy in honour of his grandfather Late Devendra Nath Bhaiya, whom he considers as a source of power and inspiration.

D. N. Academy - Residential is one of the recent offshoots of institutions, with a mission to take the tradition of excellence & service to newer heights by imparting quality education to the young generations. Here we offer education upto std. X. A well-maintained and clean campus presents an ideal climate conductive to systematic learning. The institution pays close attention to the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of students. The ethos of promotes a world view that embraces the entire humanity, in its multi-faceted splendour, 'we belong to one family'. Students from various socio-cultural backgrounds find it their home away from home.

The Campus

D. N. Academy - Residential is located near the Kali Mandir, Jamtara, Jharkhand. The campus cuts an impressive figure with a sprawling lush green vegetation serving as the backdrop. The campus derives its characteristic serenity from its landscape that is blended harmoniously with the surroundings, thus setting the platform for a perfect learning experience fot the discerning students.


D. N. Academy - Residential envisions pursuance & excellence through education. We believe that excellence is achieved only through untiring efforts to better oneself constantly. Meaning and Significance are achieved only through the fulfillment one's social commitment. We are commited to shaping future leaders for every endeavour. We hope that every student who is commited to excellence in its many forms will explore the opportunities offered here and develop his talents to the fullest for the greater service of humanity.


The uphold and promote holistic development of the individual so that he/she may take effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

Aims and Objectives

The cardinals principles, aims and objectives uder which the school functions are as follows:
›› To impart sound education with English as the medium of instruction.
›› To attempt at the total development of the individual child taking into consideration the mental, physical, social and spiritual needs of the child.
›› To infuse moral and spiritual values, so that the children may grow up as responsible citizen.
›› To include values, attitudes and habits which will help in the creation of a new social order based on human dignity, equality of opportunities and social, political and ecenomical justice.

Core Values

The backbone of personal growth is a positive and an all-embracing value system. We uphold the following as core values essential for an individual's growth :
›› Faith in God
›› Moral uprightness
›› Love of fellow beings
›› Social responsibilities
›› Pursuit of excellence